Monday, August 4, 2014

Getting Organized?



Don't laugh -- I'm serious!

I know I haven't been The Greatest Publisher, to date. However, I've gotten a step closer thank to Scrivener.

I am testing the New Improved Icy Road Publishing by releasing a little story called "Dumped." It has all the blurbs ready to go in the Back Matter section. All I have to do is choose the place the story is going, compile all the parts and upload it to the website.

Dumped is another "He Done Her Wrong" story that mom may have picked up from real life. She used to tell me all kinds of "He Done Her Wrong" tales, because her tavern was a haven for abused women.

 Mom may have been a tough old bird, but there was a steady stream of women working behind the bar who lived upstairs because they lost everything to a boyfriend or husband who "Done Her Wrong"

My new marketing plan invovles publishing one story to Amazon Kindle Select, with the list of the all the previous stories in the back. There is also an email sign up link for those who wish to know when the next e-book comes out.

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