Monday, June 29, 2015

Announcing Book Stop Central

The most difficult thing for an author is to get their books under the eyes of readers. Most of the authors I know have a few email addresses, not enough to send out a monthly newsletter, which is a 'must do' for indie authors.

Our area author association Kentuckian Authors has over 300 authors. I'm sure that many of them have licked the newsletter/address problem, but there are plenty of us who are struggling. 

The Co-op approach - one mailing list where authors pool their addresses and we all pitch in for the newsletter - looks like a possible solution.

In order for this to work, we are going to need a thousand addresses, and I hope to get 100 authors by Christmas. The first Book Stop Central newsletter will go out at the end of July.

Your book(s) will be added to our newsletter "Book Stop Central' for 3 months.

Each ad will require:

  • $10 set up fee per book
  • your email addresses
  • a copy of the book's cover in JPEG format
  • the blurb for the book 
  • the vendor website links you want included in your ad

The $10 will cover the creation of the ad, adding the cover, text and links you send us. If your book is available as a paperback, provide us with that link, or the website of the books store where the book is available.

At the end of 3 months, you can sign up for 3 more months. We will send out a quarterly newsletter with number of openings, additions to the mailing list and clicks the newsletter receives.

We really NEED you to add at least 10 emails to our list each quarter. The success of this venture will depend on the number of email addresses we get. We need the addresses of fans, people who want to buy your books. Random addresses are not going to give us the same results.

Our goal is to have 1000 addresses by the first of January.

If you would like us to send out a special Newsletter, we can do that if you send us the information, cover art and links. The price will reflect the time required to produce your press release.

If you provide services to authors, or run a bookstore, you can join us as well. We'll be sending out a quarterly newsletter to authors and will advertise your services.

I hope you will join us. There's a sign-up form to the left.

Stay tuned for updates.

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