Thursday, August 27, 2009

Hey, I have a Blog!!

Welcome to ICY Road.

I am a senior citizen, 86, who invested in a SONY Reader, and I would like to recommend it to all senior citizens or anyone who likes to read if not just for the adjustable print size, then for the fact that it fits in a purse or pocket. I use it for long waits in doctor's offices. Everything considered, I believe the price is reasonable for the Reader

There are numerous stories that can be down loaded for free - and I have found that Henry Rider Haggard wrote very interesting stories about the middle East which give an insight into their rulers, life styles, etc., that have not changed over the millenium. We are trying to force a democracy on a country which first should be educated to the extent that Christians are. People cannot be forced to change, they must desire it.

Now I have to learn what one does with a BLOG. I write short stories and perhaps I should put one here. It's really short and probably will draw a lot of criticism. Let's see: how about "America's Favorite Game":

Billy stood squarely at the plate the way his Dad instructed him, his bat on his shoulder, body turned slightly toward the plate, his eye on the ball in the pitcher's hand.

The hand moved, the ball flew, Billy's bat connected squarely. A low, line drive, right into Mrs. Walton's back yard where she sat on a bench in the shade, shelling early peas.


The ball caught her on the back of the head. The peas fell to the ground, Mrs. Walton's lifeless body landing directly on top of them.

So much for America's favorite game! The End

As you can see, I'm a great sports' fan. Why raise youngsters with a yen to stand out in the hot sun for hours, waiting for a turn at bat? Doesn't sunburn cause skin cancer?


  1. Hi Mom, I have added some email addresses so your blog is being sent out to different people. I'll see if I can find Zoanna and Jessica.

    So far we have Gen, Jain, Terry Wrisley, and Shirley. This will be fun as I find more addresses.

  2. Hi Ms. Kitty's Mom:
    You are amazing. I thought I was doing pretty good at 72 to keep a blog going. You've got me beat. I hope I'm still going strong at your age. Congratulations.

    Betty K.