Sunday, August 30, 2009

Blog No. Two

Today, Sunday, was quite a day, as both daughters joined us in a carpentry session. The older daughter wanted a bed built into her new vehicle, Ford HeavyDuty Van. She and Coletta are garbers for medieval faires and spend a lot of time at their events, and motels are costly, the van is spacious, and they pull a trailer to house their wares.. Roy has the tools, and they both came to use our shaded overhang as workshop. The weather was exceptional - cool and breezy, and all went well. Our two female hounds went bezerk over having visitors, but luckily the shock wore off quickly.

Here's another short one: Occasion For Worry.

As they walked through the Patton Museum outside of Fort Knox, KY, she was unable to show an interest in the mechanizations of war.

The lighting was poor, and at age 70, any attempt to read at other than the minimum of 100 watts made her stomach immediately queasy.

Her husband sensed her indifference, handed her the car keys, and asked if she wanted to wait in the car, as he and his friend, who had accompanied them, wanted to finish the tour.. She did.
First, she visited the ladies' room, then stepped out into the bright sunshine. A brisk walk in the spring air resolved the stomach problem, and once in the car, the warmth of the sun and the fresh air coming through the open car window lulled her into a tranquil, half-awake state.
She was vaguely aware of the sound of running feet behind the car, then fully aware when a hand tried to driver's door. It was locked. Instinct made her snap the lock on the passenger side, and she had her window almost completely closed when a hand tried to come through the opening.
She applied more pressure to the window knob and succeeded in trappint the intruding hand at the first finger joints.

At a yelp of pain, she moved her head so she could look into the angry face at the window. Expletives flew, but she held the window firmly against his fingers when he tried to force the pane of glass down with pressure from the flat of his other hand against the outside of the glass.
A rush of footsteps sounded from behind the car and four MP's surrounded the trapped man.
"You can let him loose now, Ma'am," grinned an MP, having sized up the situation through the windshield, "and thanks, he ran us a merry chase."

She lowered the glass and the intruding fingers were pried from it.

"You lousy old bitch!" was her reward for freeing his fingers.

The group was long gone when her husband returned to the car.

"Sorry to have stayed so long, Hon, but we watched a slide presentation in the Auditorium."

"That's okay, I enjoyed sitting in the April sun." was all she replied. Why make him worry when next she spent time alone?"

But she did wonder what might have happened if the driver's window had also been down. Maybe there would have been an occasion for worry?

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