Sunday, January 22, 2017

The New Year - 2017

I. C. Talbot - Author

Several years ago, this was my mother's blog. She posted a few things and gathered a few readers. It was kinda cute.

Then she passed and I created a publishing company from her blog "Icy Road Publishing" and polished up a few more of her short stories and published them.

A couple years later, I changed e-book vendors from Smashwords to Draft2Digital and started a newsletter "Bookstop Central" which I hoped to use to market her work and mine. When that didn't work out, I moved her stuff over to Kindle Unlimited and deleted all of it from other markets.

Success was limited, because I was busy taking care of my stepfather, my husband, her estate, Dad's property and my farm. It was a grueling run of four years that left me completely wrung out.

So it's 2017 and I'm finding that I can breath again.

I have to say this - Smashwords was a pioneer e-book vendor, they opened doors for a whole lot of authors. Unfortunately, some of those doors have closed, or have gatekeepers who frown upon certain types of e-books.

Not for me to judge how others choose to make a living. But 'Plain Vanilla' authors like myself and my mother can't compete in a market of red hot e-books. So we had to go elsewhere.

Draft2Digital has proven to be a better vendor for little-old-us because e-books coming from them aren't automatically slapped with ratings restrictions. My e-book Impressive Bravado has risen on the iTunes site as a free e-book until it gets more than a download a day and more than 500 copies went out last year. that's pretty impressive for a small publisher.

Also found out that the Chinese have taken over the URL for this page, K. A. Jordan and a couple variations. Phooey. It would cost several grand to rebuild what we had back in 2012 when I started focusing on the publishing company.

So we'll start over with this blog and let them keep what they've taken. We need to update every single e-book to drop the old ULR, but more people hit those pages on Facebook than have ever looked at the URLs.

As things develop, we will update this blog and also the Facebook page. So please like Icy Road Publishing on Facebook.

And welcome to the New Year.