Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Struggling To Find A Market

It is never easy to decide upon a marketing strategy. 

A year ago I discovered that all e-books published via Smashwords were being treated differently by e-book vendors. 

An identical short story would have higher ratings if it came out from Draft 2 Digital. The difference would be between 10k and 20k points, depending on the e-book vendor. 

I attributed it to the fact that most of Smashwords content was x-rated 'romance' and most vendors didn't want those stories to be all a person could see when they browsed for other content. (Yes, they tend to dominate the lists like a skinny b!tch in a leather cat-suit.)

So I published my mother's short stories on Draft 2 Digital and removed them from any cross-over sites.  

At this time, Kindle Direct made some steep changes in their payment policy and I removed any short stories that remained in Kindle Unlimited. 

Today, a year later, after Smashwords added some sites and a few sites either closed to changed their allowed content I found that there were only 6 'sales' across all of Smashwords vendor sites. 

The thing is that there were only about 6 'sales' of I. C. Talbot short stories anywhere, and two of those were sales of the collection, for full price. The year before, while they were in Kindle Unlimited there were more sales. 

I'm not doing a 'leap before you look' move. I'm going to pull all of the I. C. Talbot short stories from Draft 2 Digital and move them back to Kindle Unlimited. 

So this month will be the 'take down' month. During this time I will update the backmatter and covers. Then each book will go to it's new home. Even at the paltry .001 per page, the odds of finding these books in Kindle Shorts is much better than scattered over a dozen vendors. 

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Touching Base

It's been months since I was last able to write something for this blog.

The sad fact is that I've been so entangled in Irene's Estate that I haven't been able to do anything with the publishing company. Family comes before business.

Roy (Irene's husband) passed away in December. He passed away in New Mexico with his children and grandchildren at his side and was in a safe and caring nursing home.

It may be several weeks before I can get back to publishing Irene's short stories. However, when I get back to it, I'll announce it here on the Icy Road blog.

See you then.