Tuesday, June 28, 2011

It's All in the Details

As I have been working on the Icy Road collections - I've noticed little details I've missed.

The Amazon UK author page I. C. Talbot - UK was blank until yesterday. The Amazon US page has been up for weeks - I. C. Talbot - US.

I released 'Death of a Family' on Smashwords without all the addresses in it.

I don't have templates for her books, though I have a bio template.

All these small details add up - can readers find the links to the stories? What is the best way to find all the stories - even as I add more?

All this takes time - and organization to make it more effective. Since I've done it once already, it's faster.

Monday, June 20, 2011

'Turned Out' on Smashwords

Octogenarian I. C. Talbot is releasing her short stories with the help of her daughter. The 358 stories have been sorted into 17 volumes. They are mostly women's fiction and will appeal to woman of any age group.

Turned Out – Women's fiction, 9k Words

Julia was always a good kid. So why did she find her bags packed and on the sidewalk? Why had her family turned her out?

About the Author

Born in 1923 in the little town of North Kingsville, Ohio, and growing up in the Great Depression. I. C. Talbot went to a little school where she knew everyone for all twelve years. She graduated Valedictorian in a class of 13 students. She then went on to the Ashtabula Business College, the first woman in her family to seek higher education.

Her first job was as a typist, then she worked as a secretary for a firm of lawyers until the firm dissolved during WWII. From there she went to work for City Hall, until she landed a job with the New York Central Railroad. When it merged with the Pennsylvania Railroad in 1964, the Reclaimation Plant closed. From there she went to work for Union Carbide in their Linde` Division until she retired from there.

When the economy went south in the 1970's she bought and operated a tavern from 1971 to 1988, until she retired a second time. After her first retirement, she and her husband traveled in an RV, where she did the bulk of her writing. They finally settled in Kentucky when they could no longer travel and did not care to battle the northeastern Ohio winters.

With the help of her daughter, she has decided to e-publish her collection of over 230 short stories under the moniker of "Icy Road" short stories. She says of her writing: "I write pulp fiction. My stories are pure entertainment for women." 

Her daughter K. A. Jordan serves as her editor and publisher.

We have published 'Turned Out' to Smashwords.

'Turned Out' by I. C. Talbot on Barnes and Noble.